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every thursday night

downtown austin

M  E  T  H  O  D


Broken Story is a collaborative screenwriting workshop focused on story structure as the foundation of writing. We work together to explore a variety of options and discover unique and creative ways to develop your premise. We apply story structure theories to identify and repair weak points and avoid formulaic convention. We help you discover your theme, invent memorable characters, and design your scenes. You will start your first draft with a clear direction that enables you to write with confidence and creativity. We continue to support and inspire you through the writing process with evaluations and encouragement to The End.



Broken Story is a collective, not a class. Applicants are expected to have formal education or advanced understanding of story and screenwriting. Participating in critical analysis with insight and perspective is the cornerstone of our workshop. That's why it's essential to attend every meeting and arrive on time prepared.


Broken Story is free. No money is required nor donations requested. Your time and effort are payment enough.


Away from the distractions of coffee shops and crowds, we meet at a professional building in downtown Austin. In a small group setting, writers propose and contemplate ideas in an open conversation. We do venture into the depths of drama and conflict. Therefore, we reserve the liberty to converse unabashedly. Although our topics and dialogue may be considered offensive in polite company, the power to speak freely only comes when we suspend judgment. But, this openness does not excuse abuse or harassment. 



Hi, I’m Timothy, the founder of Broken Story.  I’m a graduate of UCLA film and have worked in music, theater, film, and television. However, my real passion is screenwriting. Unlike production, it’s a solitary practice, so in 2010, I started a writing group called The Fighting MacGuffins. Dozens of writers have come through our group and written award-winning screenplays. I am proud of our accomplishments and more pleased to launch this new workshop. In Broken Story, we continue to motivate and encourage writers with feedback and suggestions, but now we start before page one.



Please, submit a short description about you and your writing background and attach a five-page screenplay sample in PDF format only.